RODEO  Tire Ltd.

About Rodeo
About Rodeo

Rodeo Tire Ltd is a mature tyre company who professionally authorize its brand to reliable plant for producing, founded in 2001 year, with exporting volume about 1500 containers yearly.


Our product includes TBR, PCR, OTR, SAND, AGR., IND.,tyre, brand name is RODEO.


RODEO insists on market oriented R&D policy, which is good at matching cost and value well based on advanced technology and experience. Thus our cost effectiveness is always the best.


All sizes have ECE, EU-LABLE, GCC, SASO, INMETRO,SONCAP certificates.


Claim term
If any defective tyres confirmed to be manufacturing problem, Rodeo will refund within 3 working days.


Business faith
We seek for long term cooperation, so always offer reliable quality and competitive price regularly;only
customer win, then we win.


Business mode
We prefer to support the one who like to be our exclusivity in his market, with reasonable and regular volume, feasible marketing strategy, and sustainable growing blueprint. Correspondingly, we will feedback by special price, delivery priority, yearly bonus, and free marketing assistance.

Till now, we have dozens of customers who have been being our sole agency in due market for more than 15 years.